Community Wrap: Issue 47

  • Tagged News
  • Posted 13th February

1. Cohort 3 in-person meet up!

Covid has limited the chances for Scholars and the wider Academy Team to meet. We were so pleased to be able to host a small, informal meetup with Cohort 3 to mark the end of their full-time training.

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us and celebrate the end of Cohort 3’s full-time training at Academy.

We had a great time at The Crown and Shuttle in Shoreditch.

A special thank you to C3 scholar, Martha, who made it with a broken leg!

Hopefully, this will be the first of many meetups as we take steps to build our Academy community.

2. We welcome Cohort 4 to full-time training.

As quickly as C3 leave full-time training we welcome C4 this Monday!

The team are incredibly excited to welcome C4 to full-time training. This will be our fifth cohort at Academy which seems incredible to say!

A big shout out to Nobeen our C4 Community Ambassador for his efforts in bringing the cohort together before the full-time training.

We wish everyone the best as they start on Monday!

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