50% cost saving versus traditional recruitment model with Capital on Tap

Capital on Tap Case Study

Objective: Increase diversity

Beryl was at a critical stage of their growth and looking to find talent that was capable of making an impact but that would also add diversity to their tech team.

This tied into the company’s charge to help break down diversity barriers in mobility and technology.

“Three months ago, our company counted 64 employees; the engineering team was an all-male group of six.” Sacha Manson-Smith, Beryl Head of Technology

Challenge: Lack of diversity in the traditional tech talent pool

From technical higher education to the tech industry, significant diversity gaps in the background continue to exist and starve the industry of diversity and its innumerable benefits.

Primarily, women and ethnic minorities face much lower representation in both tech education and the industry, as well as lower levels of seniority in their companies.

Solution: Utilise Academy’s diverse talent pool

Hiring through Academy allowed Beryl to access a pool of high potential talent that is inaccessible when using traditional methods of tech recruitment.

At Academy, we open access to tech for individuals from non-tech backgrounds through our world-class technology and leadership programme.

Our intensive selection process and less than 1% acceptance rate produces consistently high quality candidates with diversity a natural outcome.


33% increase in gender diversity within the tech team
75% reduction in work hours to hire
50% cost saving versus traditional recruitment model

“We partnered with Academy to help inject some diversity into the team, but we got more than that. India and Sharon are two bright new additions not only to our tech stack but to our company culture.

They are all-rounded, high-performing individuals ready to add value and embrace a challenge, making a virtue of their non-stereotypical backgrounds. Academy is more than just a technical bootcamp — it’s a transformative experience that as an employer you can see the results of from day One in the workplace.

We interviewed four scholars, and we could have taken any of them. We even opened up a second position because we could see the quality of the opportunity”

Working with Academy has enabled us to recruit the best emerging, diverse talent the UK has to offer.” Sacha Manson-Smith, Beryl, Head of Technology

By taking advantage of Academy’s full-funnel service — Beryl was able not only to add diversity to their team but were also able to drastically reduce the time and cost of hiring – removing countless hours of CV reviews, interviews and screening calls. Instead, they were given direct access to an incredibly diverse pool of top tier talent.

Academy scholars Sharon and India were able to kick-start their careers in tech with Beryl and have made an immediate impact.

“Day One I was coding; by the end of Week One I was doing a coding demo in front of the whole organisation. It felt second nature both to communicate about code I’d just met and to structure a presentation and a meeting around it.” Sharon, Junior Full Stack Developer at Beryl



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