Duncan Skelton

Leadership and Performance

Duncan is an executive coach on a mission to develop transformational, compassionate leadership at all levels.

His coaching is built on a 25-year career in tech, creating innovative products in small UK startups, through acquisition, to Silicon Valley giants. He has grown successful engineering teams at Google in both London and New York and took the lead on Google’s flagship leadership development programme for emerging talent.

Duncan thrives on collaboration, connection and supporting individuals to step up to their next level — because the world needs better leadership.

“I’m supporting Academy because we share common values. I believe in their mission and did I mention I’m passionate about technology?

More importantly, I believe in people and their potential. We face big challenges and tech offers meaningful hope. Building effective solutions requires technical talent. It also calls for very human skills; collaboration and teamwork; creativity and resilience; diversity and respect.

I’m excited to be part of a new team, and to support new emerging talent, serving a location that was home to me for a decade. Go Academy!”




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