We’re looking for high-achieving, innovative and entrepreneurial graduates to help us build the future of tech. You’re likely to be a good fit if at least one of the following aligns with you:

Excited by Tech

You might have attended some introductory coding workshops or enrolled on an online course. Perhaps you’ve even got projects you’d like to share with us.


Have you worked in or around a startup — perhaps you have even founded one! You enjoy building and starting new things and having an impact.


You may have been a member of a society or led one. You have committed time to help communities — potentially under-represented ones. Being part of something excites and energises you!

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Application FAQ's

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What does the application process entail?

Our application process has been designed to explore whether you have the aptitude, motivation, and commitment to excel in a career in tech. It will involve the following:

Application: We’re launching graduates from all disciplines into high-impact careers in technology. The application is your first step toward joining Academy. We ask for your CV and for you to submit answers to the following questions:

  • Why technology? What have you done to date that evidences your interest in technology?
  • What have you done to develop yourself professionally and personally over the last year?
  • When, where and how do you typically do your best work?

Aptitude Test: An interactive project suitable to those with no coding background and achievable in an afternoon. This helps us understand how quickly you can pick up new skills and apply them.

Interview: Meet members of Academy’s founding team in a 45-minute video interview designed to uncover your unique strengths and potential. You’ll get to hear about our vision for Academy, ask us questions, and tell us your story.

Academy Nano: An invite-only virtual learning experience taking place over two days. Academy Nano is a free, immersive training in the fundamentals of software development. You’ll learn to write code and build a real-world interactive web app that you can share with others. Here, we’ll make our final evaluation on whether our programme is the right fit for you.

Offer: Selected participants of Academy Nano will receive an offer to join our programme. This is a transformative moment with the potential to set you on a new trajectory full of opportunity. We’ll confirm your intake date and ask you to formally accept your offer. This is the start of your lifelong membership to Academy.

The Mark: Phase One: A five-week course designed to ensure everybody starts the programme with the same foundational knowledge. Phase One starts on set dates throughout the year; you will be informed of your start date when you receive your offer.

How can I prepare for my interviews?

The best way to prepare for Academy interviews is by making sure you can speak clearly and confidently about your motivations for joining the programme and wider career aspirations. This might involve practising with friends and family beforehand.

What is The Mark: Phase One

The goal of The Mark: Phase One is two-fold:

For you to confirm that working in a technical role is something that you can see yourself doing & for us to ensure a common baseline in skills so that we can use our programme time most efficiently.

By completing The Mark: Phase One, you will gain some practical and foundational skills that all efficient engineers have. Such as expressing ideas in code, debugging errors through Google and articulating your thoughts to others.

We will provide resources and office hours to support you.

What happens if I don't complete The Mark: Phase One

You will be unable to start the programme without completing The Mark: Phase One in full. Failing to complete it may lead to your offer being revoked or start date being deferred.

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