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Your future matters more than your background.
We get diverse talent into tech leadership trajectories, regardless of degree. Our cohorts are over 50% female, 30% Black and 60% Black, Asian and ethnically diverse.
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Build is our 15 week training that gets you tech role ready.
You'll be paid a training salary to complete 500 hours of expert-led training in both technical and leadership skills.
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We catalyse your career growth through leadership development training, diverse mentors from our global network, and community events like our Women in Tech series.

Get paid to break into tech: 15 weeks of training and a lifelong community

Get paid to train

We invest in you. Our expert-led 15-week training would typically cost tens of thousands to trainees – but our employer partners pay you a training salary, with zero tuition fees.

Earn a tech salary

Find well-rewarded work. Our Partner salaries match and beat average CS graduate salaries, including from Durham, Manchester and Birmingham.

New world, new choices

Choose a different trajectory. Our Scholars have declined or left graduate roles at BCGCitibank and Deloitte before joining Academy.

Deliver real world impact

Build something that matters. Get hired into a role that delivers actual results for users, in software engineering, data engineering, cyber or cloud.

Learn modern technologies

Future-proof your skills. Build a core modern software engineering skillset and specialise further based on the role and employer that you join.

Lead people and teams

Think ahead, get ahead. We put you on a leadership trajectory from Day 1, setting you up to lead Agile team rituals, run external presentations and effectively coach peers.


Ho Kei's story

Ho Kei Leung


There's a lot of similarity between fashion and programming. There is a step by step process that you need to follow to get the end result.

I wanted to learn coding to be able to take an idea from design to product.

50% of our graduates are female, and we have a specific Women in Tech space for all female-identifying and gender minority members of the community.


Akwasi's story

Akwasi Appiah


I really appreciated having a course that is tailor-made for people that don't come from a computer science background and that helps you be work-ready for a wide range of industries

60% of our graduates are Black, Asian or ethnically diverse, and 30% identify as Black.


Maghfoor's story

Maghfoor Ahmed


When I finished my third year of university, I thought I would never be able to get a software engineer role with a chemistry degree.

That's when I met one of the Academy mentors who told me about this programme. It gave me the chance to learn how to code while being paid for it.

25% of our graduates were FSM-eligible (Free School Meals), and 20% are the first in their families to go to university.
We're building a new generation of tech leaders - with a completely different set of profiles to the status quo.
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We go beyond traditional tech backgrounds

You don’t need a computer science degree for a career in tech.

We select for potential over experience in a degree-agnostic process – some of our most high-flying graduates have degrees in History, Philosophy or Economics.

We go beyond traditional tech outcomes

Leaders work with both technology and people.

We invest in your long-term leadership trajectory – focusing on complementary technology and people skills for you to become a builder and leader of products, teams and companies.

We go beyond traditional geographies

Work goes beyond borders and desks.

Our training is remote-first, like the new world of work – so you only need an internet connection and a laptop to participate.