Breaking barriers of gender

Sabrina's Story


Cohort 2

I used to think Software Engineering was this very linear path. I now know there are so many different avenues you can go down.

If you don't think that tech is for you, tech should especially be for you! We need more people with more diverse backgrounds, to change the face of tech and make it more accessible for everybody.

50%+ of Academy alumni identify as women. They were often discouraged from pursuing Computer Science, after not seeing themselves represented in the public narrative around tech. Academy provides a pathway back to tech, with the help of organisations committed to changing the face of the industry.

Nurturing engaged tech talent

Temi's Story


Cohort 6

Before I started Academy, I didn't really have a lot of exposure to the social side of programming. You're not just in a room somewhere, developing something. You're working in a team. That requires being able to talk about your code, share understanding.

Most bootcamps are focused on teaching you how to code. Academy represents a more holistic approach, focused on teaching you how to become a developer.

A heavy focus on performance skills helps Academy nurture highly engaged talent, with an appetite for lifelong learning. 85% of our alumni report being engaged at work, compared to a 15% workforce average.

Finding tech talent in overlooked places

Didier’s Story


Cohort 7

The kind of approach you might take to learning technologies, music actually helped a lot with that.

Both when playing the violin and when coding, it's possible to get into a flow state. It's challenging, but you're doing something you really enjoy.

Academy alumni have successfully made the jump into tech from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences: including creative arts, public sector and the social sciences.